39 percent of the city of Camden lives at or below the federal poverty level.

About Hunger

All of the guests who come to CK for meals share a crushing burden: that of poverty. 39 percent of the population of the City of Camden lives at or below the federal poverty level. Many work, but don’t make enough money to cover rent or their mortgage, utilities, and/or medical costs, and feed their families. They must make the choice between buying food or paying rent. About half of those who come to eat consider themselves homeless or are temporarily living with family and friends. Some “live” in shelters, abandoned houses or motels and do not have enough money to buy nutritious food, or a place to store or cook it. Many reach the point of homelessness because they have virtually no family support system.

For more information about hunger in New Jersey and the United States, click on one of the links below:

Food Research and Action Center – http://www.frac.org
 US Department of Agriculture – http://www.usda.gov
New Jersey Anti-Hunger Coalition – http://www.njahc.org
Feeding America – http://feedingamerica.org
Share Our Strength – http://www.strength.org

About Hunger

Chef Jonathan Jernigan welcomes CK’s dinner guests and ensures quality food and hospitality are served up every day.