Memorial & Tribute Donations

You can make a donation in honor or in memory of someone or in celebration of an event and we will send a card notifying the individual of your contribution.

Commemoration & Tribute Donations

Card shown is in memory of and the other card (not shown) is the same but in honor of.

Seat at the Table Donation

Another option to pay tribute to or memorialize a loved one is to become part of CK’s “Seat at the Table” giving program. A plaque with your inscription will be placed on the back of one of the chairs in our dining room.

Supportive Services

Download and return the Seat at the Table form to the Cathedral Kitchen.  Sample inscriptions include:

In Loving Memory of
Captain Bill James
The James Family
Tina Daniels
on your graduation—2006
Mom & Dad
Honoring the service of
Mary Smith