Donations help us provide more services to the Camden community.

In-Kind Donations

The Cathedral Kitchen accepts donations of certain items currently needed for its programs.

Brother Dave and his students from St. Augustine Prep delivered a school bus filled with supplies to the Kitchen.

We are not able to accept small quantities of food because of the large numbers of people we serve; nor can we accept casseroles or dinners cooked in home kitchens due to Camden County Health Department regulations. We are glad to receive sandwiches and desserts. If your group would like to provide food for the Kitchen, please call the office in advance so we know what you will be bringing and can provide delivery instructions. This helps us to plan distribution.

See Donation of Large-Quantity Food for information about other food donations we can accept.

Food Service Projects to benefit the Cathedral Kitchen:

If your group likes to bake, you can make cookies or cakes for the Kitchen. For this project, we ask that you please bag the desserts in individually wrapped servings: Put 2 or 3 cookies in a Ziploc bag, or wrap slices of cake. Wrapping the items ensures that they stay fresh and can be handled and distributed in a sanitary way.

Take-home meal:
We welcome donations that can be given to our guests as a “take-home”. Sandwiches may be meat and cheese or peanut butter and jelly. Meat sandwiches should include several slices of turkey or beef bologna (please no pork products) and one slice of cheese. Please do not put mustard or mayo directly on the sandwich, packets may be included on the side. Fruit, drink and a snack are always appreciated.

The Kitchen serves approximately 325 meals each day, but any amount is appreciated.

Other Needed Items include:

Paper/Cleaning Supplies:

– Paper Towels
– Toilet Tissue Rolls
– Paper Napkins
– Sealed Sandwich bags
– Plastic Forks (heavy duty)
– Clorox
– Brillo or SOS pads
– Lysol or Clorox wipes
– Individual hand wipes (in packets)

In-Kind Donations

New Jersey Farmers Against Hunger deliver fresh produce during the harvest months.


– Bottled water
– Juice boxes for children
– Toiletry items, large and small
– New white socks, men’s, women’s and children’s (we like to distribute these when the weather gets bad or when it’s really hot —our guests really appreciate a new pair of socks)

In-Kind Donations

Chef Jonathon and staff happy to receive a big donation.

In-Kind Donations

CK Staff delivers donated goods to low-income senior apartment residents each week.

In-Kind Donations

Placemats made by younger volunteers brighten the day for CK dinner guests.