Serving Meals

CK provides over 100,000 meals a year, in addition to providing meals for local after school programs and other organizations.

Meal Program

Hear CK Executive Chef Jonathan Jernigan’s passion for his work at the Kitchen.

Cathedral Kitchen’s core program for the past four decades has been the meal program in our dining room, which is open Monday to Friday from 4:00-5:00 PM and Saturday from 12:00-1:00 PM. Our guests are served a nutritious meal that consists of a protein, vegetable and/or salad, side dish, a beverage and a dessert. During each meal service, we provide a “take home” bag that contains additional food. CK offers donated produce, bread and packaged goods at a “market stand” in the dining room each day.

Meals Program Guests

Cathedral Kitchen meal program guests eating a nutritious meal with their "take home" bag.

Meals Program Serves Nutritious Meals

Our guests are served a nutritious meal that consists of a protein, vegetable and / or salad, a starch, a beverage and a dessert.

Meals Program Volunteer

Cathedral Kitchen meal program volunteers serving delicious, nutritious meals to guests.

CK Food Outreach

While our meal program serves a real need, we know there are those in our community who are not able to come to our dining room, especially children and the elderly.  Other nonprofits in Camden who work with children tell us that they find children in their programs unable to concentrate because they are hungry. Many seniors in our community live on less than $1,000 a month, and need access to supplemental food to maintain basic health.

Since moving to our current location in 2008, CK has been able to obtain more donations due to increased storage and refrigeration, and volunteers who pick up food donations. More recently, our capacity to pick up food has increased with the acquisition of larger food trucks that deliver our contract meals.

It is ironic that while many in our country do not have enough to eat, food waste is on the increase. Feeding America, a national network of food banks, reports that up to 40% of the good, safe food produced in America never makes it to people’s plates. By diverting some of this food from the trash stream, we can reduce landfill waste and increase our own sustainable food management, while providing more food to those who need it most.

Any donated food we cannot use for these programs, we pass on to other soup kitchens or food pantries.

CK Food Outreach

Dinner guests shop for fresh donated produce at CK Market Stand.

CK Food Outreach After-School Program

Students in an Urban Promise after-school program eagerly await their dinner of roasted chicken, rice and salad provided by Cathedral Kitchen.

CK Food Outreach for Fresh Produce

Seniors stay healthy with the abundance of fresh produce CK delivers weekly.